Fabulous Feasts:

A dinner party can be a bit of a nightmare, or a very memorable Feast. Whether you just don't have the time and strength, or simply do not possess the skills and inclination, there is a solution for your problem.
The Feast Fairy offers a personalised Feast Service that includes consultation, presentation, & preparation. We discuss your needs first, and then a menu is drawn up accordingly. On the day, there will be no impersonal team of caterers invading your home - just a friendly Fairy that appears, prepares & disappears. Think of the Feast Fairy as your own personal chef!
Pricing is available on request, as it is determined by the amount of people, as well as how elaborate the meal will be. 

Many different types of Feasts available:

Cocktail parties, Dinner parties, Romantic dinners and Proposals, Bachelors & Bachelorettes parties, Stork teas, Baby showers, Children's parties, High teas, and Gourmet picnics, to name but a few.  

Can cater for various special dietary requirements, e.g. banting / Paleo.


Private Lessons:

Whether you burn rice on a regular basis, or would just like to learn something new, the Feast Fairy can tailor a lesson that suits you. 
As opposed to cooking schools, this service is very flexible & personalised, and you don't have to commit to a long and expensive course. Besides, it can be difficult to replicate something that was demonstrated in an industrial kitchen when you are faced with your own kitchen's limitations. There is no need to be discouraged or intimidated, because we can make a practical plan that suits your needs, equipment & taste.
The topic and theme of the lesson(s) are discussed and decided upon in advance. Whatever we decide to make, is also yours to eat! In other words, a late afternoon lesson can produce a lovely dinner for you & your family or a few friends. 
Lessons can be held on weekday afternoons or on Saturdays. Sundays and evenings on special request. 
Pricing is available on request, and is determined by how long the lesson will be - basic, a complete meal, or baking.

Many different types of Lessons available:

One-on-one lessons for adults, Couples lessons, Small group lessons, Themed lessons, Demonstrations, lessons for Domestic workers, lessons for Tea ladies, lessons for Children, Children's party lessons, and so forth.  

Can accommodate various special dietary requirements, e.g. banting / Paleo.